Tips and Tricks to Selling a Home Quickly

Open House

Everyone knows how daunting the real estate industry is. What makes life tricky for sellers would be the “savvy buyers”. Buyers are expecting many things from the market. They want perfect properties with pools, closets, modular kitchens and more. If you are a seller, you have lots of work to do.

Here are few tips and tricks on how to sell your property quickly.

#1 Agent

First of all, you must hire a real estate agent. Local agents will help you find buyers. They will suggest improvements and ensure that your property is appealing. More than 90% of buyers look for properties online and through real estate agents. Click compelling photos of your property. According to a study on Trulia, advertisements with 6+ photos have more viewers than the rest. Never post an advertisement without photos and a comprehensive description. Also, you should keep an eye on the local agent’s marketing efforts.

#2 Advertising

Do you know that a YouTube video can do wonders? This is why you should post a video about your property in YouTube. Buy a 100 USD Flip Camera and video your property. Don’t forget to capture your neighborhood. Buyers prefer advertisements with tiny details. In fact, you can talk about the nearby bakery and coffee shop too! Most buyers prefer homes that are loved and interesting.

#3 Neighbors

If you have a great neighborhood, you must let your neighbors pick the buyers. Neighbors can help you find and filter buyers. Always maintain a healthy relationship with your neighbors. If possible, host an open house party. Use this time to advertise your property. Let your neighbors sell your home to prospective customers. Neighbors can help you find buyers who have always wanted to live in the locality.

#4 Social Media

The talk on selling homes will remain incomplete without “Facebook listings”. Facebook is powerful social media networking site. It connects millions and millions of people. If you have 100+ Facebook friends and each of them has 100+ friends, try to imagine the network. A word about your property will reach thousands of people.

#5 Leaving Behind a Personal Touch

Does the sound of “closing credits” ring a bell in your mind? Many buyers expect sellers to leave the closing cost credits behind. These credits can distinguish your property from the rest. When you leave a personal property behind, ideally things that can attract home buyers, you will be able to sell the property faster. Here are few items you can leave behind:

  • A plasma TV
  • Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen
  • A beautiful pond

#6 Condition

To sell your home quickly, you must fight with the condition. In this modern era, real estate competition revolves around short sales and cheap foreclosures. Individual homeowners should compete around condition. The property should be comfortable and blissful. Before you list the home, take care of termites and the electricity bills. And, you should take care of the doorknobs, windows, doors, scratches and the little nicks. Before you show the property to buyers, repair and replace all wonky parts.

#8 Exterior

Moving on, you should improve the home’s exterior look and feel. The exteriors should have immaculate landscapes and fresh paint. Don’t forget about outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture can help in setting up a Sunday brunch or a tea party. A lot of buyers admire backyards with furniture and sound exteriors.

#9 Pricing

Last but certainly not least, you should be realistic about pricing. Most buyers are skilled and educated on how to compare property rates. To give your property a competitive price, approach an agent or broker. They will help you price the home accurately.